Who we are?

HERG has been created with the initiative of two Public Policy PhD candidates and with support of CEU and faculty members of Department of Public Policy (Currently School of Public Policy). The Group's primary aim is to bring together CEU faculty and students and foster collaborative research among those working in the field of higher education policy.

What we do?

HERG will regularly organize research seminars for its members; run public seminars on topics related to the HERG´s work; network and cooperate with similar groups at other universities and with similarly focused academic societies; serve as a policy advise in the relevant research area.

Who can be a member?

The membership is open for academics interested in HE research from inside and outside of CEU including PhD as well as MA students, former, or current ones and faculty, staff and researchers.

How to find us?

E-mail: herg@ceu.edu

Facebook: CEU Higher Education Research Group