Renata Kralikova

PhD student
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Renata is Doctoral Candidate at Political Science Department, Public Policy track. She is first CEU PhD student awarded Yehuda Elkana Fellowship. She received her first MA in Psychology from the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her second MA was awarded by CEU in 2003 in international relations and European studies. Her present research interest concerns the changes in higher education governance as result of interplay of domestic actors and international influence.

Renata has almost 15 years of experience with higher education policy first as student leader, then as civil servant and later as analyst in Slovak Governance Institute, with which she is affiliated also during her studies. In 2009 she was the most cited expert on education by the media in Slovakia. In September 2010 Renata became external advisor to the Slovak Prime Minister in the area of education and she also co-operated on establishing Higher Education Research Group at CEU.

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