European higher education reforms 1998–2013: Bologna in 'teen' age

May 14, 2013 - 20:30
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Public Lecture by

Pavel Zgaga

Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana

Moderator: Jana Bacevic, Visiting Professor, CEU

European higher education reforms 1998–2013:

Bologna in 'teen' age 

 (recording of the lecture is available here)

Date: April 25th 2013


followed by a workshop


Higher education reforms in the Western Balkans: an internationalization perspective


Pavel Zgaga, Janja Komljenovic, Klemen Miklavic


April 26th 2013


About the lecture: The transformation of European higher education, which formally started with the signing of the Bologna declaration in 1999, is now in its “teens”. Despite the official inauguration of the European higher education area in 2010, questions and controversies remain. How did the Bologna Process impact national systems of higher education? What is the difference between top-level (“European”) policy agendas and their interpretation on the national and subnational levels? What – novel or old – forms of social and political dynamics are relevant here? Last, but not least – what does this mean for European higher education “beyond 2010”? The lecture offers a critical reading of the past fifteen years of higher education transformation in Europe and an analysis of its prospects for the future.


About the workshop: The workshop will bring together the team from the Centre for Education Policy Studies at the University of Ljubljana and members of the CEU community to discuss projects, perspectives and methodologies of higher education research. If you would like to attend the workshop, please register by sending an email to by Wednesday, April 24th.

Pavel Zgaga is Professor of the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana and Director of the Centre for Education Policy Studies (CEPS). He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Ljubljana University (1989) and a honorary doctorate from Universitet Umeå, Sweden (2007). Dr. Zgaga was State Secretary for Higher Education (1992-1999) and Minister of Education and Sports (1999-2000) of the Republic of Slovenia. After his return to academia, he was engaged in the Bologna process, serving as General Rapporteur (2001-2003), member of the Board of the Bologna Follow-up Group (2004-2005) and rapporteur of the BFUG Working Group on External Dimension of the Bologna Process (2006-2007). He has been involved in several national and European research and development projects in higher education. Janja Komljenovic and Klemen Miklavic are doctoral researchers at the Centre for Education Policy Studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia.