Round Table Series - The Case of Hungary

March 13, 2013 - 17:30 - 19:00
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
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Liviu Matei
Gábor Halász
József Temesi
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Round Table Series:

A New Wave of Reforms of Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe; motivations, directions, and impact

The Case of Hungary

A discussion introduced by: Dr. Gábor Halász, Eötvös Loránd University

Dr. József Temesi, Corvinus University

Moderator: Dr. Liviu Matei, Central European University

(video of the roundtable available here)

(video with the interviews with Dr. Halász and Dr. Temesi available here)

Date: March 13th 2013

Higher education reforms tend to stir controversy. Currently, several countries in Central and Eastern Europe are undertaking or considering major reforms in higher education, in particular in the area of financing and governance. While some actors and observers see these reforms as a threat, others claim they will open new possibilities for both students and universities. Austerity measures are not unprecedented in times of financial crisis, but the way they affect universities in their region and their public mission remains disputable.


The round table series, organized by the Higher Education Research Group (HERG), opens up an opportunity to discuss these changes, their motivations, actual implementation, and consequences from an academic perspective. The series combines insights from different countries of the region using different approaches to the study of higher education policy. Discussions will be introduced each time by higher education experts from the respective countries or by scholars doing research in those countries.


Dr. Gábor Halász is doctor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is professor of education at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University Eötvös Loránd in Budapest where he is leading a Centre for Higher Educational Management. He is the former Director-General of the National Institute for Public Education in Budapest (now Institute for Educational Research and Development) where he is now scientific advisor. His research fields are education policy and governance, comparative and international education, and theory of education systems. Dr. Halász has worked as an expert consultant for a number of international organizations, particularly the OECD, the European Commission, the World Bank, and the Council of Europe.


Dr. József Temesi served in various management positions at the Corvinus University of Budapest: he was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in the early 1990s, and from 1995 to 2004 he has been responsible for academic and scientific affairs as Vice-Rector. Currently he is co-director of the Centre for International Higher Education Studies. He has been involved in international educational activities for 25 years. He has been working for the Ministry of Education in several development projects between 1996 and 2012 as expert. He is an EU Bologna promoter of Hungary from 2006. He is author and editor of several articles and books on higher education. His main area of interest is financing of higher education.