Reconsidering research on university internationalization: perspectives on policy, academic identity and practice

March 27, 2012 - 16:30 - 18:00
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
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The talk will aim to broaden the perspective on what is understood as internationalization in university contexts and how we can study it. In particular, Dr. Renc-Roe will depart from policy-derived and management-related conceptualizations of internationalization and related concepts and argue for a focus on internationalization as experienced by academics, that is, as an aspect of academic identity and practice in contexts of profound policy change.

Some of the most promising avenues for theorization and methodologies available for this area of research will be considered and supplemented with  analysis derived from two separate research projects. One is a qualitative and biographical/narrative study of the experiences of internationalization among academics from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, focusing on the role of internationalization in the construction of academic identity, practice and approaches to university reform, and the other is a collaborative research project investigating the construction of ‘the international classroom’ and ‘an internationalized university’ in a Western European context (Lund University, Sweden) with a focus on micro and meso-level analysis of policy and practice.


Dr. Joanna Renc-Roe has been the development manager and one of the instructors at the CEU Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) since 2003.  She is an experienced academic developer working with faculty from over 25 countries, and a research-active sociologist of education. The focus of her professional work has been teaching and learning/higher educational pedagogies, the scholarship of teaching and learning and strategic educational development within an international context. Joanna has designed and implemented a range of programs for visiting academics and for doctoral students at the CRC, most notably, the first international developmental scholarship of teaching and learning program for academics from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Joanna is also a visiting instructor at the new CEU Center for Teaching and Learning. She holds a PhD in education (higher education/internationalization) from Keele University, UK, an MPhil in gender studies (gender and politics/ gender and language) from the Open University, UK and Central European University. Her research interests include internationalization, academic identities, the scholarship of teaching and learning, higher education policy and practice, strategic educational development, and gender and higher education.